Comment 17 for bug 998712

Thomas Hood (jdthood) wrote :

Having just re-read the discussion, I realize that I may have misunderstood the problem. I'll try to summarize it.

Wolf, are you saying that when using the NM-enslaved dnsmasq, fully qualified domain names can always be resolved using the resolver(3) but short domain names cannot be resolved using the resolver, despite the correct "search" option being present in /etc/resolv.conf; that this anomaly does not occur at boot time, but does occur later and lasts one to thirty minutes?

What triggers the anomaly to occur?

I will assume that in the anomalous situation, /etc/resolv.conf contains the following

    search rsb.intern

and /run/nm-dns-dnsmasq.conf contains the following


and the following fails with "unknown host s4".

    ping s4

When the anomaly occurs, does "dig s4.rsb.intern" work on the affected system?

When the anomaly occurs, does "dig s4 +search" work on the affected system?