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Christian Ehrhardt  (paelzer) wrote :

Hi Christopher,
thanks for the report and the nice steps to reproduce.
I can absolutely confirm your finding.

I checked up to latest dnsmasq as it is in the current development release (Artful).
That is 2.77 from 01-Jun-2017 so really not too old :-)

I appreciate the quality of this bug report and I'm sure it'll be helpful to others experiencing the same issue. But I checked and neither Ubuntu nor Debian have any patches on top of upstream dnsmasq.

Thereby this sounds like an upstream bug to me. The best route to getting it fixed in Ubuntu (and actually everywhere) in this case would be to file an upstream bug if you're able to do that.

If you do end up filing an upstream bug, please link to it from here - that would be awesome. Thanks in advance!