Comment 4 for bug 337284


danwood76 ha scritto:
> Just an update on this, it appears that dmraid is calculating the RAID0 cylinders differently from the previous version.
> And as such any partition going right to the end causes it confusion.
> Basically on my first RAID set the smallest drive is 9729 cylinders, so with a RAID0 array 2x9729 is 19458, this is the number of cylinders that dmraid-rc14 calculates.
> dmraid-rc15 on the other hand is a little bad at maths and calculates it to be 19457 cylinders.
> I was thinking that the cylinder count should be even given a RAID0 should be symmetrical to function properly.
> My partitions go all the way to the end of the drive and that is why my
> extended partition didn't load, to solve this I spent ages resizing my
> partitions, the worst was my large drive as its completely NTFS and it
> had all sorts of issues.
> So now I am running Jaunty with all my drives loaded, but the bug still
> remains with anyone else who migrates and has used all of of the RAID0
> partition space.
> Hope this helps

Many thanks for this, could you please report this issue to the ataraid[1] ml
upstream please?