Activity log for bug #191557

Date Who What changed Old value New value Message
2008-02-13 13:39:29 Luke Yelavich bug added bug
2008-02-13 13:39:47 Luke Yelavich bug added subscriber MIR approval team
2008-02-14 12:14:33 Matthias Klose dmraid: status New Incomplete
2008-02-19 13:29:50 Martin Pitt dmraid: status Incomplete Won't Fix
2008-07-31 03:45:23 Luke Yelavich dmraid: status Won't Fix New
2008-08-28 00:51:10 Colin Watson dmraid: status New Fix Released
2008-08-28 00:51:10 Colin Watson dmraid: statusexplanation Luke did some analysis on the packages and found that it is still too immature to be supportable. For example, there is no notification at all when a component of the RAID gets defective, and it is not possible to rebuild a degraded array with the current packages. Rejecting for hardy. This should be reconsidered for Hardy+1 once the packages get more mature and usable. I'm accepting this and have promoted it to main. Luke is well on top of this and has addressed the bulk of the issues raised to date, including work on improving handling degraded arrays. I'm satisfied with the progress made thus far and I think it's worth unleashing it on Ubuntu users for further testing in Intrepid's stabilisation period. (Obviously I have no objection to full-time MIR reviewers re-reviewing this, but at the time of writing both Martin and Matthias were on holiday and I wanted to unblock this for feature freeze.)