Comment 9 for bug 462193

Benjamin Drung (bdrung) wrote :

This bug has one patch and one debdiff. ubuntu-sponsor is for sponsoring debdiffs. ubuntu-review is for getting patches into Ubuntu (via getting them upstream first).

My last comment was not meant as order. I'm not being paid to sponsor other work. If you want to me to sponsor it, my point needs to be addressed or explained why I'm wrong. I am not against making Ubuntu better. I am for making it properly and maintainable. This means that upstream issues should be forwarded to upstream and fixed there (in this case: Debian).

Rolf, I haven't sponsored your debdiff, because it didn't follow the stable release update process [1]. Procedure point 1 requires that the bug is fixed in the development release before fixing the stable release. I have done this by merging the package from Debian. Now we can fix it in lucid.

I will sponsor chilicuil's debdiff, because point 2.3. [1] requires a minimal patch applicable to the stable version of the package.