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Christian Ehrhardt  (paelzer) wrote :

No duplication of that functionality in the Archive in general or main in particular.

[Embedded sources and static linking]
This package does not contain embedded library sources.
This package doe not statically link to libraries.
No Go package

I can confirm that there seems to be no CVE/Security history for this package.
It Does not:
- run a daemon as root
- uses old webkit
- uses lib*v8 directly
- open a port
- uses centralized online accounts
- integrates arbitrary javascript into the desktop
- deals with system authentication
- processes arbitrary web content
- parse data formats

Django after all is a web framework, but this component seems to be on the other end and not exposed.
Therefore IMHO there is no security review needed for this.

[Common blockers]
- builds fine at the moment
- server Team committed to subscribe once this gets promoted (enough for now)
- code is not user visible, no translation needed
- dh_python is used
- package produces python2 bits, but they are not pulled into main by mailman3
- utilizes build time self tests

[Packaging red flags]
- no current ubuntu Delta to evaluate
- no library with classic symbol tracking
- watch file is present
- Lintian warnings are present bug ok
- debian/rules is rather clean
- no usage of Built-Using
- no golang package that would make things harder

[Upstream red flags]
- no suspicious errors during build (a few warnings, but nothing concerning)
- it is pure python, so no incautious use of malloc/sprintf
- no use of sudo, gksu
- no use of pkexec
- no use of LD_LIBRARY_PATH
- no important open bugs
- no Dependency on webkit, qtwebkit, libgoa-*
- no embedded copies in upstream either

Ack from the MIR-Teams POV, as outlined above for this component a security review seems not required.