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Timo Aaltonen (tjaalton) wrote :

The graphics HWE stack from noble needs to be backported for 22.04.5

- build-dep of the new Mesa

- new major release (24.0.9)
- new HW support, Meteor Lake..

[Test case]
We want to cover at least 2-3 different, widely used and already previously supported GPU generations from both AMD and Intel which are supported by this release, as those are the ones that cover most bases; nouveau users tend to switch to the NVIDIA driver after installation. No need to test ancient GPU's supported by mesa-amber. And best to focus on the newer generations (~5y and newer) as the older ones are less likely to break at this point.
- AMD: Vega, Navi1x (RX5000*), Navi2x (RX6000*), Navi3x (RX7000*)
- Intel: gen9 (SKL/APL/KBL/CFL/WHL/CML), gen11 (ICL), gen12 (TGL/ADL/RKL/RPL/DG2)

Install the new packages and run some tests:
- check that the desktop is still using hw acceleration and hasn't fallen back to swrast/llvmpipe
- run freely available benchmarks that torture the GPU (Unigine Heaven/Valley/Superposition)
- run some games from Steam if possible

and in each case check that there is no gfx corruption happening or worse.

Note that upstream releases have already been tested for OpenGL and Vulkan conformance by their CI.

[Where things could go wrong]
This is a major update of Mesa, there could be regressions but we'll try to catch any with testing. And since it shares bugs with noble, we'd already know if there are serious issues.