Comment 46 for bug 445852

@Ubuntu Bugs

Can you please have a look at the status of this bug (currently 'undecided')? This bug could do with some input from the Ubuntu devs. Here's why:

1. The bug is occurring on a wide range of net books with SSD units. This is a growing target audience for Ubuntu.

2. In the simplest case the bug makes the machine unresponsive and impractical to use.

3. If the user continues with the above state, the machine often gets 'bricked'. Total data loss occurs, and the SSD can only be recovered with low level formatting (Normal rescue tools don't work).

Total data loss with bricked machines confirmed several times over and no apparent workaround, has to be a more than 'undecided' bug?

I have opened a bug report on the kernel bug list which is getting some high level attention. It would be good if Ubuntu was able to give some support on this.