Comment 42 for bug 445852

I have noticed if I power up the AAO without mains power more often than not it only freezes on the first part of the boot process and not during GDM making all the applets fail, which gives me the most stable I've got Karmic working so far. Fsck seems to want to run every boot now just before the freeze. It's enough for me to stick with Karmic unless the SSD gets trashed like Kory but I'm running EXT4 with journaling still enabled, perhaps that's why I've not suffered the corruption problem,

I've posted this issue on the Supertalent forum to see if they can possibly help with maybe a firmware update but I'm not holding my breath! I agree with you both Johan and Dan - this does seem to be a Linux bug - one they seemingly can't be arsed to fix at the moment which is very frustrating. Maybe when they get enough pissed off users like us they'll do something about it :o(

I use my card readers a lot, the left hand in particular for data because I'm dual booting the SSD with Windows 7 so that rules out that option in my case.