Comment 9 for bug 553759

Zakhar (alainb06) wrote :

Many thanks Sebastien.

I confirm that your workaround works fine.
I'll post your suggestion on the french forums, so that french people can now enjoy Lucid with all the stuff going to keyring:
- U1,
- NM
- Empahty
- etc...

Nevertheless it does not prove that there is no bug in gnome-keyring. It just demonstrate that when gnome-keyring is called with a filename that is ONLY ASCII 7, it works fine, which we already knew in previous versions.

But unfortunately, as Rodney pointed, somebody had the not-so-good idea to translate filenames, and in some case they have non-ASCII 7 characters, and should be handled properly as UTF-8.

Sorry I didn't take time to download and try to understand the code from U1 to Gnome-keyring, but my questions stays:

- do gnome-keyring handle UTF-8 filenames (maybe specification says it does not... and thus client calling it with UTF-8 is buggy)
- is specification says that gnome-keyring works with UTF-8 filenames, try to call it with filenames having letters outside ASCII7 and see if there is no bug.
- if at this point there is no bug, it is most certainly the caller that has a poor handling of UTF-8, of that kepts somewhere, hardcoded, filenames like login.keyring/default.keyring

Anyway, thanks again Sebastien, with your suggestion this bug is not "blocking" anymore for some components of Lucid (U1).