Comment 6 for bug 929139

Hi Wouter,

Thanks for this. What would you suggest as the more specific program?

Also, I'm unsure as to whether trying to restore an entire filesystem would cause issues while on the actual machine - surely the kernel files/drivers etc would get over-written as the machine was doing the restore. Would this cause it to become 'broke' as a result of such critical files getting written at the same time as they were in use?

You'll have to excuse my lack of knowledge in this area only I've never needed to backup/restore before and it was something I felt I should learn more about. Perhaps this scenario is why I saw the lockup of the machine last night - is this down to me misunderstanding the process and what is involved? Perhaps the keyboard and touchpad became unresponsive as the driver files were being restored? I've no idea.

THank you again.