Comment 4 for bug 929139

Thanks for the workaround Wouter. I had to modify it slightly to:

sudo mount -t cifs //NAS/Backup /mnt/NAS/ -o user=your-uid,passwd=your-password,uid=1000

This was because:

[a] mount.cifs was not recognised, and;
[b] I couldn't get control of the /mnt/NAS/ directory so had to tell it who I was (uid=1000)

While this allowed me to get beyond my original issue (and I did see the restore start to take place) I kept getting another issue when it was attempting to restore .ko files. I tried 4 times to do the restore and each time it failed at a .ko file. The first three times it was at the same .ko file. The fourth time it was another (I don't remember the exact names and for reasons that will become apparent in a moment I was unable to get any screenshots).

When the problem occurred the machine 'locked up'; the keyboard stopped working as did the touchpad and touchpad buttons. Then the num-lock and scroll-lock lights flashed continuosly. Unsure of what was going on I left the laptop in this state for over 15 minutes/20 minutes/25 minutes and finally half and hour. It never recovered on any attempt and no further restore progress was made. On each occassion I was forced to power the machine off (not something I like doing but the machine was completely unresponsive due to the lack of keyboard/mouse controll). I couldn't even break out of X. On the fourth such power off the machine was left in a corrupted state and would no longer boot (I am unsure if this is as a direct result of removing the power or because of a partial restore). The machine got past BIOS and then I had a black screen with the num-lock and scroll-lock lights flashing on and off again.

I am now in the process of rebuilding that particular laptop. As I mentioned in my earlier post, the machine in question is a experimental machine for trying things out that I wouldn't like to do on my main machine. To this end it has served its purpose well. Given the issues with Deja Dup I won't be using it as my backup program.

I am very sorry I cannot provide you with more details about the .ko files it stopped at but due to the time involved in rebuilding the machine I won't be able to repeat the exercise.

Perhaps Deja Dup is good at restoring some folders and files but not the entire filesystem - perhaps that is why I have had this experience?