Comment 7 for bug 880273

Am 31.10.2011 17:45, schrieb Michael Terry:
> If you remove gvfs and gvfs-backends, do you get the bug back? I think
> those might be the missing pieces that aren't getting installed by
> default.

I just uninstalled the gvfs, gvfs-backends and nautilus was removed

The backup program run still, but suddenly it ask for a password for the
new backup ( I choose no password needed). It also did not identify
the last done backup and starts again a new "Creating the first backup.
This take a while.)

Up to now, the installation runs on my 64bit kubuntu.
I also checked the problem now on my 32bit installation, which is using
the same home folder of the 64bit version.

The program is doing backup as well, but I do not install any software
on this Installation up to now. Also the system update wasn' finished
during this time (still running).

Where is the preference file of the program ? Maybe some settings there,
which are corrected