Comment 6 for bug 347913

Mantas Kriaučiūnas (mantas) wrote :


sahfkvhzsdfnvhzds wrote:
> I don't think removing a well maintained tool (by upstream and the Debian maintainer) provides any benefit.

It seems you don't understand me - I don't think, thad dialog tool is bad, I just don't wanna keep 2 packages, which do the same job - whiptail and dialog. If there is a way to remove whiptail then I will be happy to do this. But problem is, that 3 important packages in Ubuntu depends on whiptail: pppoeconf and modconf depends on whiptail | whiptail-provider and friendly-recovery depends on whiptail
Also ubuntu developers decided to include whiptail in ubuntu main archive instead of dialog :(
So, maybe I should report RFE bugs against these packages about depending on whiptail | dialog (like most other packages), if you think, that dialog is better, that whiptail ?
Or maybe dialog can be whiptail-provider (if dialog package included whiptail functionality then it could have Provides: whiptail-provider in debian/control file)?