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Bug #1716079: debootstrap fails when bootstrapping to a directory name with spaces Medium In Progress 17 weeks
Bug #1851459: debootstrap fails to create precise chroots: Release signed by unknown key Undecided In Progress 17 weeks
Bug #1735014: file:// and ssh:// protocols do not allow for failed gets Undecided Confirmed 338 weeks
Bug #1599459: cannot bootstrap from repositories without InRelease files when --debian-installer set Undecided Confirmed 368 weeks
Bug #1012439: carve out distro information to distro-info package Undecided Fix Committed 592 weeks
Bug #539814: tar: futimens() with a bad file descriptor (AT_FDCWD) causes bootstrapping failure with kernels < 2.6.22 Wishlist Triaged 718 weeks
Bug #110144: No lo interface after debootstrap install Wishlist Incomplete 891 weeks
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