Alternate CD install freeze with encrypted partitions

Bug #231451 reported by Federico Del Bene on 2008-05-17
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debian-installer (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

Using the alternate CD to install 8.04 with this partitioning scheme:

/dev/sda1: /boot unencrypted
/dev/sda2: swap encrypted with random key
/dev/sda3: / encrypted with password

generates a freeze in the partitioner at 47%.

I had this bug on two different systems, with very different hardware. I think the bug is related to the random key option in the partitioner (I can post the specifications of the two PCs, if needed).

I can confirm this in hardy under VMware. Probably worth noting that I encountered this while doing a netboot (PXE) install.

I can confirm this also (server cd and alternate cd)

In vmware I have setup this:

(1) Boot partition: 200 MB, Ext 3, /boot, bootable

(2) SWAP partition: 200 MB, encrypted partition, random key

(3) ROOT partition: 3.9 GB, encrypted partition, password

(4) Partition overview and configuring encrypted partitions

(5) After pressing enter for configuring encrypted partitions a dialog comes to ask to write to disk:

(6) Then comes the key data created screen (note: the random characters field is empty and highlight is directly on "Continue")

(7) Adding some random characters

(8) After pressing enter it tries to start the partitioner again. It gets stuck at 47%

vhahn (victor-tirm) wrote :

I can confirm this as well. Using a random key for the swap partition seems to be the critical point here. I managed to set up two encrypted partition with passphrases without problems.

vhahn (victor-tirm) wrote :

got three confirmations in comments

Joe Smith (yasumoto7) wrote :

I would assign this to Ubiquity, but I think that's for the LiveCD. Are you guys still having this issue with Intrepid?

vhahn (victor-tirm) wrote :

Hi Joe,

I will report about Intrepid when I install it, however this won't be until it goes Beta.

Best regards,

Awesome, thanks a lot Victor. Let me know how it goes :)

On Tue, Sep 9, 2008 at 5:26 PM, vhahn <email address hidden> wrote:
> Hi Joe,
> I will report about Intrepid when I install it, however this won't be
> until it goes Beta.
> Best regards,
> Victor
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Dan Fuhry (danfuhry) wrote :

I will load the latest Intrepid alpha into VMware sometime today to see if I can confirm this.


Dan Fuhry (danfuhry) wrote :

This seems fixed in Intrepid Alpha 5. Tested by creating an two LVs ("Root" and "Swap") in the same LVM VG. "Root" is encrypted with a passphrase, and "Swap" uses the "random key" option. Tested using Intrepid alpha 5 i386 under VMware Workstation 6.0.5.

The "random key" option is a bit misleading - I figured it would pseudo-encrypt the volume by storing the key somewhere in /boot or the partition header; instead it seems to erase the whole partition on startup every time. Guess those of us who want to make a key dongle out of a USB flash disk still have to hack our initrd.

(I suppose I'll have to open a new bug however, because it asks me if I want to use an encrypted home directory even when /home is already on a dm-crypt volume.)


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