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sudodus (nio-wiklund) wrote :


Comment #8 'Be interesting to hear the opinions of the server team... Did this used to work?'

The Ubuntu server test-case for encryption uses 'only' encrypted disk with LVM, not encrypted home inside it. So this is another indication (alongside the encrypted desktop test-cases), that Lubuntu should do the same thing.

@ everybody:

Skipping 'encrypted home inside encrypted disk with LVM' makes things much easier to get working. My tests today indicate, that the Lubuntu alternate test-case works with this small modification. We need not even unmount any partition earlier than the installer wants to do it.

I just tested that it works with very different original partition tables (GPT and several partitions of various kinds)

- the 64-bit alternate Lubuntu Vivid installer works
- the 32-bit alternate Lubuntu Vivid installer works

I modified the test-case for encryption only at these places:

'No' for encrypted home directory # Changed from 'Yes'. This is the most important modification.

'Yes' unmount mounted partitions in the target drive # Additional item which is important.

'No' to install grub boot loader to master boot record. Instead select the target drive for the bootloader manually. # Changed from 'Yes'. This is optional but I recommend it because the automatic choice often creates problems for me.


It is not necessary to enter another text screen and unmount any partition earlier than the installer wants to do it.