Activity log for bug #1564492

Date Who What changed Old value New value Message
2016-03-31 16:08:53 Nish Aravamudan bug added bug
2016-03-31 16:13:32 Nish Aravamudan attachment added attachment
2016-03-31 16:13:43 Nish Aravamudan bug task added php-mf2 (Ubuntu)
2016-03-31 16:13:55 Nish Aravamudan bug added subscriber Steve Langasek
2016-03-31 16:15:02 Nish Aravamudan summary php-mf2 fails to build due to unicode in substvars file FTBFS: php-mf2 due to unicode in substvars file
2016-03-31 17:24:04 Nish Aravamudan bug task added php-net-smartirc (Ubuntu)
2016-03-31 17:57:53 Steve Langasek debhelper (Ubuntu): status New Fix Committed
2016-03-31 18:02:58 Nish Aravamudan php-mf2 (Ubuntu): status New Invalid
2016-03-31 18:03:07 Nish Aravamudan php-net-smartirc (Ubuntu): status New Invalid
2016-04-01 07:06:47 Launchpad Janitor debhelper (Ubuntu): status Fix Committed Fix Released