Comment 4 for bug 252882

Soren Hansen (soren) wrote :

Something here does not completely add up:

  # for authenticated-only dbtypes. also catches empty (multidb) type.
- if echo "$dbc_authenticated_dbtypes" | grep -q "$dbc_dbtype"; then
+ if [$dbc_dbtype ] && echo "$dbc_authenticated_dbtypes" | grep -q "$dbc_dbtype"; then

The comment above the changed line says: "also catches empty (multidb) type."
a) Applying the change will make that comment untrue and quite confusing.
b) The original developer clearly meant for the conditional to match an empty (multidb) dbc_dbtype.

It also seems to me that if this patch is applied, the password will not be set based on the values in /etc/dbconfig-common/*?