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Iain Lane (laney) wrote :

It is - I looked in their packaging repository:;a=blob;f=imap/message.c;h=6a0e42024cfb94a86d043266fc62332570226d30;hb=HEAD#l374

So we'll get this for free when 2.4.17 gets into Debian and someone syncs it.

If you want to get this into Raring/other stable Ubuntu releases then please follow the Stable Release Update procedure

 (step 3 - you don't strictly need to prepare a debdiff; that's quite easy for a sponsor to do from the patch already on this bug).

I'm going to unsubscribe the sponsors now but please do resubscribe if you want the SRU and have updated the description with the required information.

Thanks for your help so far. :-)