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Bug Importance Status Patch Age
Bug #1567697: libcurl is missing http2 support High Confirmed 140 weeks

From: Alvaro Figueroa
Link: curl-http2-fix.patch

curl http2 fix

Bug #1312241: curl-udeb package empty Undecided Confirmed 242 weeks

From: directhex
Link: curludeb.diff


Bug #1056141: libcurl hangs when sftp destination run out of space Undecided Fix Committed 321 weeks

From: Elbandi
Link: curl_ssh_hang_fix.patch


Bug #1001576: Error linking with libcurl4-gnutls-dev 7.22.0-3ubuntu4 - bad documentation Low Triaged 343 weeks

From: Zakhar
Link: patch_curl-config.txt


Bug #311029: curl and pycurl is not compiled with sftp support Low Triaged 421 weeks

From: Martin Lindhe
Link: ssh-fix.diff

Adds libssh2-1-dev as a build-dependency for curl to enable sftp support

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