Comment 1 for bug 58110

Please use the correct driver for your printer.
According to this is one of the so-called GDI- or winprinters, a printer with a proprietary data protocol, which is not publicly documented by the manufacturer.

According to information on the Canon website this printer is similar to the Canon LBP 1120. According to ( the LBP 1120 is know to work with the open source "capt" driver, normally your printer should also work with this driver, the driver was reversed engineered by Nicolas Boichat and can be found here:
A debian package is provided, so it should be easy to install this.
If this driver works well for your printer please fill out the add new printer form on, by doing this the LBP 1210 will be listed on and people can easily find which driver(s) are know to work with their LBP 1210.

Canon also provides a closed source CAPT Linux CUPS driver for your printer that can be downloaded from their website.
This driver should work without problems but you need to install it manually.