Comment 19 for bug 992982

crf (chrisfahlman) wrote :

I can't print using either the foo2qpdl driver or the Samsung proprietary driver.
Foomatic driver built and installed from here:
Samsung driver from here:

Using system config printer, there are status messages:

(alert) Printer 'Foo2QPDL-Samsung-CLP-325' has no toner left.
(info) Printer 'Foo2QPDL-Samsung-CLP-325': 'cups-ipp-conformance-failure-report'.
(error) Printer 'Foo2QPDL-Samsung-CLP-325': 'cups-ipp-missing-job-history'.

There is toner left. I checked using the Samsung printer's web interface.

Maybe the conformance-failure-report is true. But it worked with older versions of cups, prior to updating Ubuntu to 12.04.

Attaching a wireshark log of trying to print a notepad document using foo2qpdl driver.