Comment 9 for bug 1054495

JCFreeman (jcfreeman) wrote :

Bug #1054495 was reported on 22 Sept 2012 and seems to have been fairly quickly accepted, diagnosed and fixed for Quantal (12.10).
The same issue affects Precise (12.04) to the same extent.
Precise is an LTS release and it will probably have more users with Quantal so I am puzzled by the hesitancy in porting the fix to Precise. Unless of course it is to get a the fix out into the field to prove its robustness. If this is the case why not say so ?
For me, Ubuntu knocks the spots off the other OSs, especially Windows and the depth & breadth of software available is wonderful. That is works so well alongside & with Mac and Windows is also great - I can't avoid them in the workplace.

So - please keep up the good work but please could we have back the capability of printing from our iPads & IPhones !!!