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Bug #1612906: cryptsetup does not support ZFS Wishlist Confirmed 301 weeks

From: Richard Laager
Link: cryptsetup-zfs.debdiff

A patch to add ZFS support to cryptsetup.

Bug #1481536: "cryptsetup: unknown fstype, bad password or options?" error unlocking / decrypting LUKS volume at boot High Confirmed 316 weeks

From: Richard Hansen
Link: cryptsetup-1481536-v4.patch


Bug #1558079: cryptsetup tcryptOpen doesn't work anymore Medium Confirmed 322 weeks

From: hede
Link: 10_no_setkey_after_accept.patch

do not alter the cryptd-socket after accepting it

Bug #1520652: Erroneous "INSECURE OWNER FOR xxxxx.keyfile" Undecided Triaged 338 weeks

From: TJ
Link: cryptdisk-use-UID-use-stat.patch

Use UID/GIDs not text aliases; use 'stat' no 'ls | sed'

Bug #1022815: initramfs should try password against other devices Undecided Confirmed 339 weeks

From: Marek Dopiera
Link: decrypt_keyctl.patch


Bug #885358: decrypt_gnupg prompt does not accept any keyboard input Medium Confirmed 343 weeks

From: Dave Pifke
Link: cryptsetup-1.6.6-885358.patch


Bug #1238275: cryptsetup should support block devices without filesystems Wishlist Confirmed 366 weeks

From: Matthew X. Economou
Link: cryptroot-add-zpool-support.patch

Adds support for encrypted ZFS pools to the cryptroot initramfs-tools hook

Bug #1362884: Only one device of multidevice btrfs is decrypted in cryptroot Undecided Confirmed 403 weeks

From: Marek Dopiera
Link: btrfs.patch


Bug #595648: Remote unlocking not possible if plymouth is active (Bug or Feature?) Low Triaged 413 weeks

From: Pierre BLONDEAU
Link: cryptroot.patch


Bug #833288: /etc/init.d/cryptdisks does not have a working 'start' option Low Confirmed 560 weeks

From: Trenton
Link: cryptdisks-do_start-patch

Patch to include a working start option in /etc/init.d/cryptdisks

Bug #784203: cryptroot hook does not handle quotes in fstab Undecided Triaged 575 weeks

From: xenoson
Link: cryptsetup-1.1.3_patch


Bug #551055: Problems when booting an encrypted lvm containing btrfs Undecided Confirmed 630 weeks

Link: cryptsetup.ubuntu_lucid.diff

Lucid patch for btrfs root partition on crypto device

Bug #139057: Should try given password for next partition Wishlist Triaged 687 weeks

From: Florent
Link: patch-script-cryptroot.diff


Bug #317442: initrd does not contain conf/conf.d/cryptroot file for encrypted root Undecided New 696 weeks

From: Shiv V
Link: dmsetup.patch


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