Comment 2 for bug 454898

> I confirm the problem on a EEE 901A.
> I use an encrypted SD card for my home folder, and even if /etc/crypttab is configured correctly I usually do not get a prompt at the splash screen.
> However, I said "usually": sometimes I DO get the prompt as it should be, typically when starting encrypted partitions is delayed by some reason, such as a fsck of the root partition.
> So if I have to guess it is really a timing issue.
The bug is still there 4days before release :(
I think a timer cannot solve this problem. A timer is never a proper fix
when we have a sync pb.
We need synchronization here. cryptsetup should not start before the
end of disks detection.
As we are switching to an async boot sequence, it may be hard...but it
is mandatory.