Comment 19 for bug 1558079

hede (michael-heide) wrote :

AFAIK there was no need for my patch to be included because the trusty kernel maintainer reverted the upstream changes to the kernel which caused this bad behavior.

It seems like newer trusty kernels are affected again. (I'm not running trusty with tcrypt-devices anymore, to test this by my own.)

Like in the past it's possible either to revert those changes to the kernel (like referenced in #12) or patch cryptsetup (like with #7). You can ask either the Ubuntu cryptsetup or kernel maintainers for fixes. In past AFAIR it got fixed inside the kernel package but I'd prefer to patch cryptsetup, if there's any good reason for guys to add those changes to their old-stable kernel releases... *my2ct*

btw: the patch is not needed with current upstream kernels or upstream cryptsetup, since newer cryptsetup versions are not affected. It's the combination of newer kernels (or older kernels with backported security patches) with older cryptsetup which is problematic in case of Ubuntu trusty.