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Bug #1773229: spooldir mtime=0 prevents database from being updated Undecided Confirmed 7 weeks

From: Steve Dodd
Link: mtime-fix.diff


Bug #1779583: cron do_command.c attempts a fork() without testing for errors Undecided Confirmed 215 weeks

From: Alexis Wilke
Link: do_command-2.patch

Compiling fix to second fork() in child_process()

Bug #1750051: cron doesn't support MAILFROM Low Triaged 223 weeks

From: niconil
Link: patch_v2.txt


Bug #1451286: crontab -r deletes cron entries without asking for confirmation High Confirmed 358 weeks

From: Akiva
Link: crontab_patch


Bug #1321227: Cron sends mails with ASCII charset while running tasks in UTF-8 Undecided Confirmed 430 weeks

From: Walter
Link: lp1321227-cron_does_not_read_default_locale.patch


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