Comment 11 for bug 22876


Jan Mynarik <email address hidden> wrote:
Situation: keyboard shortcuts control 'main' mixer, volume applet
controls both 'main' and 'PCM' together; to really change volume while
using headphones, you need to change 'PCM'.
This would work in situations where the headphones are driven off thesame soundcard as the main audio but it wouldn't solve the problem I have with my USB Headset.

I have a Logitech Premium USB Headset 350 which plugs into a USB port and appears as a soundcard in its own right. Changing the main mixer PCM and Master would only change the volume of the built-in sound device on the computer (which I use for the ringing on my VOIP app) and not the master channel on the "Logitech USB Headset" mixer which controls the volume of the headphones. The headset has switches built into the cord which tell the computer to change the headset volume or mute its mic.

From my point of view, the perfect solution would be one that spotted that the buttons were on the same USB device as one of my soundcards then steered the button data towards the correct mixer or that let me define a binding between devices and mixers manually. I believe it's possible to use uDev to make sure the same USB network card always gets the same interface name regardless of which port it's connected to or the order it's plugged in. Could something similar be done here?


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