Comment 13 for bug 478274

Some info relevant to my problem: see issue #363568

I looked at the consolekit sources and it appears that the only flags that are set are:

        res = ck_connector_open_session_with_parameters (ckc,
                                                         "unix-user", &uid,
                                                         "display-device", &display_device,
                                                         "x11-display", &x11_display,
                                                         "x11-display-device", &x11_display_device,
                                                         "remote-host-name", &remote_host_name,
                                                         "is-local", &is_local,

The thing I still don't understand is that the same package seems to work on another machine (same arch, same distrib, etc.) I installed from scratch. On that machine, a user logged in at the console for example, has its active flag set to TRUE.

This means that something is expected to set the active flag, which is not pam_ck_connector. But what is it ?

Anyway, this seems to mean that there must be some garbage left behind by the previously installed jaunty or even intrepid, that prevents the "active" flag from being set correctly.