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Bug #1370953: layout switch is delayed Undecided Incomplete 47 weeks
Bug #1858090: Surface Type Cover not detected by dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration Undecided New 178 weeks
Bug #1799713: Changing tty font does not work Undecided New 221 weeks
Bug #1767785: Fonts settings are ignored Undecided New 221 weeks
Bug #1763100: FONT="x/y/z" is not applied due to setupcon script bug Undecided Confirmed 221 weeks
Bug #433897: Console/VT font is (randomly) not set (sometimes) on some machines. Stuck with the default VGA BIOS font. High Confirmed 221 weeks
Bug #1578540: setupcon looks for VARIANT in wrong path: /usr/etc/default/ Medium New 369 weeks
Bug #1559788: Misc ubuntuBSD fixes Undecided New 376 weeks
Bug #1242572: xkeyboard-config, console-setup, and ubiquity should use Super+Space for switching keyboard layouts Wishlist Confirmed 453 weeks
Bug #929054: AltGr key doesn't work properly in xfce4-terminal and gnome-terminal with Maori layout, and Hawaiian is not supported Undecided Confirmed 583 weeks
Bug #864466: break=foo boot option incompatible with gfxpayload=keep Medium Triaged 609 weeks
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