Comment 17 for bug 963470

zzarko (zzarko-gmail) wrote :

OK, Unity now works correctly with Super key, but there is one other thing that bugs me: when I open CCSM, for Scale plugin, there is "Initiate Window Picker" action (Shift+Alt+Up) that should show windows from current workspace, and there is "Initiate Window Picker For All Windows" (Super+W) that should show windows from all workspaces (at least, that's the way it worked in 11.10).

In 12.04, both actions show windows from current workspace. This means that there is no way to switch from window to window using Scale plugin. And that has as a consequence the fact that there is NO WAY to drag and drop between windows from different workspaces, or between maximized windows (or, at least, I don't know how to do it).

There is a limited DND support via launcher, but I can only drop files to applications registered for certain file type. If I want to drag a file to GMail tab in firefox, for example, if firefox is on another workspace (or Nautilus is maximized), I cannot do it (in 11.10 I configured Picker For All Windows to activate on screen corner, and I was able to drag and drop between any two windows).