Comment 74 for bug 933776

Matthieu: I know. It was not just this bug that set me off but the past two releases and all the regression we went through when it comes to compiz. I am not aiming at getting back an old hands-on linux where you have to do everything by hand. 10.04 was an amazing release, because there was almost NOTHING to do via terminal. With every further release of ubuntu (using unity), the more of this kind of functionality I lose. That's what I don't like.

Durand: I am not at all against change. Change is good, always has been. Sometimes you might like re-decorating your house, but you're not gonna rebuild your living-room and break the kitchen and the bathroom in the process, if you know what I mean :)

Try ctrl-alt-shift-arrow using the cube :) I know it works with the wall, that's exactly what I mean. Use anything but the stuff that is default in unity and it's gonna be low priority.

Sorry about causing this discussion. Didn't really wanna start an argument, just give those in charge of the component something to think about when they "enhance" something.