Comment 71 for bug 933776

I also "fixed" it now by reverting to the old codebase.

Andrei: generally, you might want to keep that package from upgrading until somebody with a higher tolerance of pain lets you know when it is finally fixed. I'm guessing that the newer version will probably not actually have this fix included but have other stuff fixed. So if everything works for you, hold all the compiz upgrades for now.

This is of course not the way to beta-test, because you're waiting for a specific thing to be fixed for egoistic reasons (just like me :) ) - but for those of you just running into trouble and not interested in helping out with compiz, just stick with this "fix" and be happy for now :) to all the others: thanks for doing this...

kinda off-topic p.s.: I'm really considering going back to debian, since ubuntu is going down a certain path that I can no longer understand. I'm using neither gnome nor unity, I've been using lxde for a while now (not lubuntu though, used the lxde/compiz combo long before the flavor came out). BUT: the way I see it, gnome3 is pretty similar to unity, so why re-invent the wheel or try making stuff new that is already working?!

Compiz has been SUCH a relief to all window management fanatics and my personal productivity and efficiency has majorly improved ever since I've been using it. Started off with beryl btw. back in the kinda-old days... I don't get why development of ubuntu is so focused on unity. Nobody likes it and nobody wants to get used to something new. This human behavior has been around for ages and people have been using Window$ for the same stupid reason. Ubuntu has (had?) a great thing going, and now they're about to ruin everything by breaking stuff that is already working and trying to force people into their weird schemes instead of letting them just use whatever they want to use. It took another developer a very short time to fix this specific issue and there are lots of other compiz-related issues open that used to work before. There's this weird screen flicker on cube rotate (been around since 11.04), I can't ctrl-shift-arrow move windows any more (also since 11.04), and all this is just a sacrifice to unity, because nobody cares about cube rotate any more...

I don't want to use an operating system that tries to force my user-behavior into directions that I don't like.

sorry about that, but I'm at a point where those kinds of bugs are really starting to piss me off.