Comment 43 for bug 933776

I seem to be experiencing the same bug on a fresh install of Ubuntu 12.04. What I noticed is that I can actually switch to windows on other workspaces without seeing them. For example if I have a terminal on one workspace, and a browser on other, and press Super+A (that is the keyboard shortcut that I assigned to 'show windows from all workspaces') then I can only see the terminal from the current workspace, and it is "selected". However, if I press the 'left' key, the terminal gets "unselected" and the --invisible-- browser on the other workspace probably gets somehow selected; if I then press 'return', then it switches to the workspace with the browser, which also gets focused. This does not happen with the 'show windows from the current workspace', which works as expected. I hope this helps; should I attach additional information (apport report)?

Note: I am not using Unity, I have a GNOME desktop with cairo-dock (i.e. gnome-session, nautilus and compiz but no panels).