Comment 18 for bug 933776

This is not a wanted behavior, and it could not be because of the reasons in comment #6. If you look at you'll confirm it, and if you check the activity above, you'll see that the developers have confirmed this bug. It just hasn't been fixed yet because its importance was set to low, as there are even more urgent and crucial bugs at the moment. As soon as they fix them, they'll turn to this one. We just have to be patient.

Remember what they did with the Alt-Tab: we now have a key combo for changing windows on the current workspace only, and another one for changing windows on all workspaces (Ctrl+Alt+Tab). I've always changed Ctrl+Shift+Up for Super+E to have a key to scale windows from the current workspace only and another for all windows, and it works great. I'm guessing we'll have something like that.