Comment 169 for bug 933776

I guess I'm missing something here & as I don't use 12.04 should likely shut up
Anyway what's the downside to applying the 0.9.7 commit in precise & also adjusting to get desired results.
Did so here on a 12.04 install still hanging around & when creating a new user the bindings & actions seemed fine
Super+w picks on current ws
Shift+Alt+up picks on all ws's

As in -
--- compiz-
+++ compiz-
@@ -127,7 +127,7 @@
    <option name="initiate_key" type="key">
     <_short>Initiate Window Picker</_short>
     <_long>Layout and start transforming windows</_long>
- <default>&lt;Shift&gt;&lt;Alt&gt;Up</default>
+ <default>&lt;Super&gt;w</default>
    <option name="initiate_button" type="button">
     <_short>Initiate Window Picker</_short>
@@ -145,7 +145,7 @@
    <option name="initiate_all_key" type="key">
     <_short>Initiate Window Picker For All Windows</_short>
     <_long>Layout and start transforming all windows</_long>
- <default>&lt;Super&gt;w</default>
+ <default>&lt;Shift&gt;&lt;Alt&gt;Up</default>
    <option name="initiate_group_edge" type="edge">
     <_short>Initiate Window Picker For Window Group</_short>