Comment 160 for bug 933776

Sebastian, how about switching the behaviours around for 12.04?

Maintain the current one as is and change the other to behave like this
did. Those who want to have the correct behaviour change the key bindings,
and current users are unaffected.

Does it make sense?
No dia 12 de Dez de 2012 17:48, "Sebastien Bacher" <email address hidden>

> hey everyone, thanks for the interest to Ubuntu/compiz/that issue and
> sorry it's taking time to get resolved but comments are turning to
> heated tone and insults at this point and that's often non
> constructive...
> quite the contrary it might finish by demotivating the people who are on
> your side and want to see the issue fixed but are just overworked and
> didn't find the time to get to work on that yet
> So could you move the chit-chat to some mailing list or user forum?
> That said for those who want to help to get the issue resolved we welcome
> help on finding a solution which restore the option without changing the
> existing behaviour for users:
> Summary of the issue/precise situation:
> - super-W is binded to "show wins from all workspaces"
> - "show for all workspaces" has been wrongly hacked to do "show only from
> current workspace"
> - "show from current workspace" is not used
> * the issue with undoing the hack is that it would change the behaviour
> of super-W for all existing user to work over all workspace when it's
> documented to be for the current workspace and how it behaves at the
> moment ...
> * we can't "fix" those user configuration from the distribution side,
> the packages are not supposed to temper user configs and even if we
> could we have no garanty that the user directory is available (it could
> be password protected or on a nfs server and non mounted at the time of
> the upgrade)
> @mniess did some suggestions in comment #136, thanks for that.
> I don't think the "prompt user about the configuration" is something we
> wil do, that bug has 236 followers and some of you do care strongly
> about the topic, but in practice the question would be in-appropriate
> for 99% of Ubuntu users who don't care about that setting/don't use
> it/don't know about it/like it the way it is at the moment/don't want to
> be asked questions they don't understand on upgrade ... we believe that
> the tradeoff would be in disfavor of the majority of Ubuntu users, you
> might disagree but it's the calling we are making and we are discarting
> that option
> That let us with the "add yet another option to "really show all wins
> for other workspaces included" or "find a better option that the ones
> suggested" ... we would really appreciate if somebody can help and come
> with a smart idea to solve the issue without breaking existing users or
> bothering them on upgrade
> thanks for reading
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> [regression] scale/spread: "Initiate Window Picker for All Windows"
> does not show all windows. It shows only windows from curent
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