Comment 138 for bug 933776

Hi guys, I've been using Quantal, so I can't test if the patch still works.

On the new package version that was released there's a patch reverting
the fix for this bug. I've applied the fix after that patch, let's see
if it builds, and if so you should receive an update on my ppa.

On Sat, Dec 8, 2012 at 11:26 AM, drplix <email address hidden> wrote:
> This bug is really bad and ruins the LTS experience. I've been running
> with Bruno's PPA for 6 months - which fixes the problem perfectly - but
> I can't imagine what its been like for anyone not technically savvy
> enough to use this.
> This week I got an official update to compiz which I naively assumed
> would mean that this was finally officially fixed. I was badly wrong -
> its now back to being totally broken. Worse still, the installed
> version supercedes Brunos version number and so I can't go back to his
> fix (my system is critical to me so I don't want to muck about with
> pinning older versions).
> Please someone release the fixed version to the LTS backports - this is
> getting beyond the limits of reasonable patience.
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> Title:
> [regression] scale/spread: "Initiate Window Picker for All Windows"
> does not show all windows. It shows only windows from curent
> workspace.
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