Comment 136 for bug 933776

As it currently stands, I'd like to remind you of what I wrote in #122. Compiz in 12.04 is broken. I get calls on an almost daily basis because this bug breaks window management. If all that holds us back from reverting that one commit are changed shortcuts then lets make an exception.

Sebastien wrote in #123 that you hate those dpkg notifications that prompt the user to do some actions. But looking at the 3 options we have, I know which one I'd pick:

1. live with a broken compiz
2. hack compiz to add an extra "show all windows" option, additionally to the existing one, that actually does show all windows so that we don't have to change shortcuts (this would be an awefully ugly hack IMO)
3. display a notification on upgrade "Due to an upgrade some of your shortcuts for window management need to be restored. Please click on 'Restore shortcuts' to do that now." (which runs a script to recursively unset the relevant keys, or - if you want to get fancy - checks the currently defined shortcuts and sets them at the appropriate places).

I really really think we should go with option 3. Do we really want two "initiate window picker on all viewports" options?