Comment 115 for bug 933776

@Bruno: please don't confuse things and don't use that bug to complain about every other issue you might get with compiz

> Using the current behavior leads to windows flying all over the place, invisible windows, windows stuck outside of the viewport, etc. I can't see how anyone can use this in its' current state.

I'm using the current version, I've nothing "flying all over the place", no invisible windows, no windows stuck outside of viewports ... those are all different issues, open new bugs about those they have nothing with the ticket open there

> Things were changed for this new behavior, braking the previous behavior for everyone who used it (it is impossible to show all the windows from all the desktops). I can't understand how hacking this instead of fixing the expected behavior is better.

Not sure what you are talking about but fixing the "one workspace or all workspace" action will fix none of the issues you complain about

> which is even worse when there are public patches that lots of people have been using for ages without known issues.

where? you mean the patch there which changes the desktop behaviour? the things you just complained about, being tired of "that change the behavior of the desktop all the time" ... now you complain that we want to keep some stability? if you want some credibility there you get to pick, do you want things changing all the time and again to fix that issue or do you want things to keep working in a consistant way?

> I fear for the transition to Wayland... :-(

what has wayland to do with any of this?

> I know, I know, this isn't a forum, and this doesn't help, and whatever, but I've been happily using Ubuntu for so long, that coming to this is making me very frustrated and sad, and I believe the more than 200 people reporting having this bug for so long are too.

sorry about that, but you are using work from volunteers there, you are paying nothing for the product and people do the best to help, it's a bit easy and unfair to just blame people who work for you on free to not work enough