Comment 2 for bug 92599

1. No, I set HorizSync up to 81 during the xserver-xorg configuration process (according to gtf, hsync must be 80.17 in mode 1280x1024_75.00), and VertRefresh to 75. But it still has no effect.
2. 50 Hz and 54 Hz appear in the screen resolution and refresh rate configuration dialog in Gnome - there are no other options.
3. I've tried to reconfigure the server, then to edit VertRefresh manually, and then to add my own modeline, overwriting all others.
4. xorg.conf, as well as Xorg.0.log, is in the attachment. The xorg.conf included has HorizSync and VertRefresh parameters. Howewer, these two were commented in the original xorg.conf version (the one after upgrade to feisty), but it didn't work, too.

Thank you for posting answer on this report.