Comment 193 for bug 862430

r_avital (ravital) wrote :

Sorry to chime in so late in the game.

1. Installed xubuntu 12.04 on 7/4/2013,and latest updates (I'm set up for LTS releases only).
2. Installed compiz from synaptic, no special PPA, just the one available in synaptic.

Switching workspaces via mouse-based or keyboard-based cube-rotation flashes the window(s) from the previous workspace for a splisecond on the new workspace as soon as the cube stops.

Rotating with these same methods between two empty workspaces does not show any flicker at all (each of my workspaces has a different wallpaper, if it matters).

The ehavior was still present in Raring 13.04 when I experimented with it only a week ago.

Switching via Expo does not show the problem at all (at least on my end).

Given sogerc1's message above, about the version in vanvugt's ppa, I don't see a point in downgrading. Will patiently wait for 14.04, assuming this will ever be fixed.