Comment 185 for bug 862430

experimancer (experimancer) wrote :

This is a really nasty bug, in otherwise pretty and usefule desktop of Precise Pangolin. So, to get this bug fixed also in Ubuntu 12.04, should it be add to the bug description that it affects (the project of) "precise-backport", too?

As there seems to have been several fixes to this bug already, I am just trying to make sure that a fix will be deliverd to Precise Pangolin, which is now already at version 12.04.02.

Maybe this is going to happen anyway, but I was not sure what does the Milestone: Compiz Core "SRU-3" actully mean. As the compiz version in 12.04 is still at 0.9.7 series, does the SRU-3 then refer to the 12.04.03 LTS-backport which is due in August 2013? (meaning that, 12.04.1 was the SRU-1 and 12.04.02 was the SRU-3?)

Do you, Sam (to whom this bug is assigned) or anyone else, have any additional information about this, and the schdeule of the backport?