Comment 11 for bug 776565

mycl (415fox) wrote :

I am also experiencing this on my Lenovo X200. I have tried with external 1920x1600 and 1920x1080 monitors. I get the black bar across part of the external monitor thing.

It works fine with compiz and without unity. It works fine with unity 2d (without compiz). But the combination of compiz and Unity is bad.

I've tried running:
* compiz --replace
* unity --restart

And sometimes the desktop is fixed, but not always.

If I select different resolutions for the monitors, the band sometimes goes away or appears in a different location.

Weirdly, when I have the black bars, the mouse cursor can go over the black bars and you see it. Anything else can go into the black region and it's like, it goes there, but it is behind a black mask.

When I use the super-S "expo" feature I can see all the desktops and they do not have black bars on them (though the black bar remains on the external monitor.

Also, if I start from login with the external monitor, I do not have the problem. It is only when I try to plug the running system in that it occurs. Starting from login and unplugging the external monitor creates a similar problem. Only this time it is a thin blue band across the middle of the laptop screen and all of the windows are arranged below the band. However, I can drag the windows above the band or half way with the band covering the middle of the window. The point is, that it seems to recognize that the two sides of the band are two different regions. Almost as if it is treating the two sides of the blue band as separate monitors.