Comment 36 for bug 751605

cometdog (ericctharley) wrote :

Can anyone comment on two things?
1. What is the nature of the fix that was committed? Two proposals have been made. A: maximize window to display containing most of window's area. B: maximize window to display containing mouse. ...I hope the fix was implemented as option B, since that seems more like correct, unsurprising behavior. If someone is clicking on a titlebar button to maximize a window, or dragging a window against the top of the screen to maximize, their attention is on the display containing the mouse; and the window should go there. They are unlikely to know what proportion of the window is on what display. In fact one can easily have the majority of the window on a different display, e.g. in the case of maximizing a window to an external 800x600 projector connected to a 192x1200 laptop.
2. This fix appears to have been committed to compiz SRU-2. Is it possible to determine whether that (or any other version of compiz with the fix) will make it into ubuntu 12.10? I'm never sure how to tell when or if to expect the fix to appear on my machine.