Comment 2 for bug 740298

Jay Taoko (jaytaoko) wrote :

For historic reasons, if fglrx detects the compiz program, it falls back to "indirect mode" OpenGL.
This fix works in combination with a soon to be released fglrx driver (version latter than 8.84.60).
With this patch, Unity will work on systems with the fglrx driver.

    With a non-patched version of fglrx the following fails:
        - running "compiz --replace" with the Unity plugin enable will fail at startup.
        - running "unity" also fails at startup.
    Make a copy of the compiz binary (in /usr/bin) and name it "compiz-hack". If you run "compiz-hack --replace" with the Unity plugin enable, then Unity will not fail.

Evidences of fglrx working with this compiz patch:
    - running "compiz --replace" with the Unity plugin enable should not fail at startup.
    - running "unity" should not fail at startup.

    - The following examples in Nux should run:

    - auto-pilot reported PASS:
        Showing tool tip...
        Showing quicklist...
        Dragging entire launcher...
        (32, 57)
        Moving launcher icon along edge...
        Dragging launcher straight out and dropping...
        Dragging a launcher icon out, and moving it...