Comment 4 for bug 153322

Stu (funkyfredmale) wrote :

I second the original - this is very confusing. I've been using Gnome/Linux for a few years now, and make a lot of use of the workspace switcher to drag windows from one workspace to another. It took me an hour of thinking the workspace switcher was "broken" because I couldn't drag windows between workspaces - which at the time were "viewports". I followed the instructions above, and now I can drag windows between workspaces - because they're "desktops" now. Why all the re-definitions? This seems to be introducing complexity for the sake of confusion, and nothing else.

The simplest answer would seem to be to collapse "desktops" and "viewports" back into the original concept of workspaces.
i.e. Desktops == Viewports == Workspaces.

Also note that switching the workspaces to desktops means that you can't adjust the workspace row & column size in the workspace switcher anymore.
AND even if you increase the number of desktops so you can drag windows via the workspace switcher, you don't _see_ the window in the new workspace, it just sort of disappears into it. i.e, if you you're on desktop 1, and drag window A to desktop 2 via the workspace switcher, it's icon disappears from the workspace switcher's icon of desktop 1, but doesn't show up on the workspace switcher's icon of desktop 2. It used to work like this, and was very useful, when trying to remember which workspace/desktop you moved your window too.

In short, it seems we've managed to make 1 + 1 < 1 (where viewports and desktops combined offer less functionality then the previous concept of workspaces).

Maybe someone could just make a "viewport switcher" that replaces the "workspace switcher", and do away with the concept of desktops altogether?

I dunno. I just want my effects _and_ my workspace switcher back :(