Comment 118 for bug 145604

I think the patch you applied should really be credited to whomever did the original patch (David Turner and Sylvain Pasche?), as all the fallback code I jimmied with is gone (also, it was mostly just playing with others' code).

Also, in _fill_xrender_bitmap in the FT_PIXEL_MODE_LCD_V part of the switch, there's an #if 1 ... 0xFF000000 ; #else ... #endif which makes it fully opaque. I would remove everything in the #if 1 ... #else section, and keep what's in the #else ... #endif.


> I've applied the internal interface to pass the LCD filter option from
> fontconfig/screen resources to freetype. The interface is not ready to be made
> public yet, and I am uncertain about the removal of all fallback filtering for
> Cairo.
> commit 7a023a62f7517ad0d54f4d59c99909fadcc05e82
> Author: Nicolaus L Helper <email address hidden>
> Date: Thu Jun 17 08:56:30 2010 +0100
> ft,fc,xlib: LCD filtering patch.
> This adds internal API to retrieve the LCD filtering parameters from
> fontconfig, or as set on the Screen, and feed them to FreeType when
> rendering the glyph.
> References:
> Bug 10301 - LCD filtering patch
> Tested-by: Brandon Wright <email address hidden>
> Forward-ported-by: Robert Hooker <email address hidden>
> ickle: The API is clearly not ready for public consumption, the enum are
> poorly named, however this stands by itself as enabling system wide
> properties.