Comment 6 for bug 138424


Well I've managed to reproduce this bug - in a "scientific manner".

I tested window behaviours when the Compiz crashed.
Is not about programs - I can stop Compiz using any aplication that can open a FULLSCREEN window.

For exmple Nautilus.

By default I "trained" my folders on the desktop to open their windows at 50% from desktop not full screen

Now I put a folder on fullscreen mode - I close that folder - and next time when I open this folder (Nautilus memorize last size and position of windows for each folder and for some applications) - Compiz gone.

Same things for other applications.
-> When in non fullscreen mode - ALL OK.
-> When any folder OR application was opened directly in fullscreen mode - Compiz die.

About bug behaviour
When I launch some programs - they wont open windows - they crash Compiz then stop.
After Compiz gone and Metacity come - Applications work normal ( open ..close ..etc ).

For the latest testing series - I used UNREDIRECT FULLSCREEN WINDOWS option from Advanced Desktop Effects Settings -> General Compiz Options -> General - but no better results.

I made I think 30 tests - with the same predictable (from now) behaviour.

I hope this will help